For Info re Local Electoral Campaigns’ Volunteer Needs, Get the Action Together New Haven E-Newsletter

A good way to find out the latest in volunteer needs in New Haven-area electoral campaigning is through the Action Together New Haven County e-newsletter. You can get the e-newsletter by signing up at the organization’s Facebook page.

Yesterday’s e-newsletter had information about the needs of progressive candidates in Guilford, Hamden, and Orange, with additional information about AT members running for office in North Haven.

Send info about candidate volunteer opportunities to

Update on Action Together CT Meeting This Thursday

An update on Action Together CT’s July meeting, Thursday, July 20 at 7:00 pm at Mactivity, 285 Nicoll Street, New Haven. Its theme is Volunteers Make Communities Better.

This meeting will feature Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman and Rep. Robyn Porter discussing what you role can play, the importance of local races, and the importance of connecting with voters. Nick Maroletti from Fight Back CT and Sarah Ganong from Working Families will also be on hand to provide hands-on volunteer training.

Hamden Progressive Action Network Launch Event on Monday, July 10

The Hamden Progressive Action Network, an expanded version of the Spring Glen PAN, will be holding a launch event at 7:00 pm on Monday, July 10 at the Hamden Middle School Auditorium, 2623 Dixwell Avenue. Three state reps will talk about the legislative session and discuss how residents can help. Here’s a link to the Facebook page, where you can say you’re going. See the announcement below:

Ham PAN event 071017

CT League of Conservation Voters Has Different Sorts of Volunteer Needs

The CT League of Conservation Voters (CTLCV) is the sole environmental organization in CT that has a state PAC, endorses candidates, and gets involved in state elections, as well as lobbying at the state and local levels. It has three entities:  a 501(c)(3) environmental education fund, a 501(c)(4) political organization, and a PAC.

One of its political roles is to send Action Alerts to those who sign up. These alerts ask state citizens to contact their state reps and senators about legislative issues such as the one that was sent out yesterday to save the Council on Environmental Quality and the Community Investment Act from being eliminated in the state budget. Those who know little or nothing about this council and this act can read the LCV’s briefing papers about them (don’t worry; they’re brief). There are also alerts about protests and other events, about submitting testimony (you can read CTLCV’s testimony, and write your own; any state citizen can do this via e-mail). Both calls and e-mails, and testimony, mean a lot to our reps, who will see that their constituents care and are knowledgeable about environmental issues, even those that don’t receive much media exposure.

CTLCV also holds Citizen Lobby days in Hartford, a great learning experience for how the state legislature works and how environmental issues fare at the state level.

Another way people can help is with the Education Fund’s programs. The most exciting one is called CHISPA (“spark” in Spanish). It involves educating young people of color about environmental issues. Volunteers are needed to help with CHISPA field trips, to give talks and line up speakers, to help the students survey people, etc.

The Fund also has a new program to get clean buses in our cities. Volunteers are needed to educate and build up demand for clean buses in city neighborhoods, and to make calls to school board members to see who might be receptive to requiring clean buses the next time school bus contracts are bid out.

If you are interested in volunteering in either of these programs, contact Abi Rodriguez at

Moral Monday State Budget Letter, Protests, and Arrests

Yesterday, several members of Moral Monday CT presented a moral state budget letter to the governor and assembly, and six were arrested after singing, chanting, and demonstrating against the spending plans in the north rotunda of the state Capitol, and refusing to leave when asked, according to CT News Junkie.

moral monday 0617

The letter presents cuts to social services in the budget as moral choices, and asks the governor and assembly to “embrace policy alternatives that will create greater equity and justice in our state.”  Some of the letter’s practical recommendations are:

  • Broadening the services taxed while lowering the rate of sales tax;
  • Reforming the wealth and income tax systems, thereby generating $238 million from our wealthiest individuals;
  • Assessing a low wage employer fee on large profitable corporations.