Get Your Employer or Organization to Participate in the goNewHavengo CarFree Competition This September

goNewHavengo‘s mission is to promote health and well-being across the region by advancing safe, cost-effective, and convenient transportation for getting into and around New Haven. It does this by collaborating with communities, government agencies, businesses, schools, and NGOs in New Haven and across Connecticut to plan outreach and awareness events, design specialized strategies to reduce car dependency, encourage local leaders to champion sustainable mobility, and advocate for a multi-modal transportation system that services everyone.

One of its principal programs is the CarFree Competition, which began in 2014. Businesses, government agencies, and organizations, as well as individuals, compete to cut their transporation emissions by telecommuting, walking, biking, car/vanpooling, or taking the bus or train in September.

The number of individuals and the amount of emissions avoided has been growing, but the number of businesses and organizations participating went down last year. Get your employer or organization in which you’re a member to participate so that everyone can see how easy and beneficial it can be to commute in more sustainable ways.

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