Volunteers Sought for Quinnipiac River Cleanup Committee

The Quinnipiac River Watershed Association has formed a Quinnipiac River Cleanup Committee (QRCC) that will facilitate year-round watershed cleanup and improvements.

This could include anything from an area cleanup to a larger mitigation project.

The Quinnipiac River Cleanup Committee will establish direct access for the public to report any issues that impact the watershed.
The Goals of the QRCC:
  • Create a sustainable committee that will work to improve the entire Quinnipiac River Watershed and in turn, your local community.
  • Achieve a partnership with local volunteers in each of the watershed towns to help with any projects that are undertaken by the QRWA.
  • Establish a local contact that will assist to organize local volunteers on an “as needed bases”
  • Obtain sponsorship from local businesses to help cover the cost of projects undertaken by the QRCC
  • Initiate a process to ensure that resolutions will be prioritized and resolved in a timely manner.

Interested people wishing to volunteer should contact the Quinnipiac River Cleanup Committee Chair, Tim Cutler, at qrivercleanup@att.net

To volunteer for other committees, see the Association’s Volunteer page.

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