What to Do with Connecticut’s Piece of the VW Settlement

Connecticut is getting $55 million from the fund set up by VW due to its ruses regarding its “clean” diesels, which dirtied the air throughout the country. The League of Conservation Voters is recommending that CT residents tell Gov. Malloy to use the funds to help replace diesel school buses with electric school buses.

Here is the page for e-mailing Gov. Malloy, and below is my edited version of the League’s language on the page linked to above.

The Volkswagen settlement will give Connecticut $55 million for the purpose of cleaning up the air VW’s diesels dirtied over the years. Please spend it on transitioning from diesel to zero-emissions electric school buses, reducing toxic diesel pollution. This will protect the health of the 467,000 kids who ride buses to and from school in Connecticut, as well as the air of the communities they drive through every day.

This is the best use of Connecticut’s VW Mitigation Trust Fund.

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