Contact CT Legislative Leaders re Environmental Bills

The budget plan for CT that is currently being considered includes deep cuts to clean energy and energy efficiency programs, and would eliminate funding for the CT Council on Environmental Quality. If passed, this budget would sweep millions in ratepayer and taxpayer dollars away from clean energy, while leaving us with fewer tools to protect our air and water.

Environmentally concerned CT citizens should contact legislative leaders to say:

  • Don’t Raid RGGI: Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI) funds are used to reduce energy costs and speed the deployment of local clean energy solutions like rooftop solar. Deep cuts to RGGI hurt low-income families and impede job growth in Connecticut. Click here for the League’s fact sheet on RGGI.
  • Don’t Cut CT Green Bank: The CT Green Bank has helped finance tens of millions of dollars in private investment for in-state clean energy projects, helping make Connecticut a clean energy model for the nation.
  • Don’t Bail Out Millstone Nuclear: Say “No” to special deals for nuclear power at the expense of real renewable energy in CT. Click here for the League’s brief on Millstone subsidies.
  • Do Preserve CEQ:  Preserve funding for the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ). CEQ is a small investment that makes a big difference to help protect public health and the environment in CT. Click here for the League’s brief on the Council
  • Do Maintain CT’s Leadership on Climate Change: We must continue to be national leaders on climate and use our membership in the U.S. Climate Alliance as a platform for leadership and innovation. As our federal government abdicates its environmental obligations, CT must fight climate change and ensure a robust clean energy economy.

Click here to use the CT League of Conservation Voters’ direct e-mail form, or contact the legislative leaders directly:

Sen. Pro Tem Martin Looney –
House Speaker Joe Aresimowicz –
Sen. Minority Leader Len Fasano –
Sen. Majority Leader Bob Duff –
Rep. Minority Leader Themis Klarides –

(This post is derived from a CT League of Conservation Voters e-mail)


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