Two VISTA Positions Open at Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven

The first things to know about Americorps’ VISTA program is that there is no upper age limit on participation, and that work is full-time with a stipend of $560 a week, plus other benefits. Thus, a VISTA job can be filled just as easily by a retired or mostly-retired individual as by a young adult. The principal difference is that an older person will have a lifetime of experience to bring to the work.

Neighborhood Housing Services of New Haven (NHS) is an almost 40-year-old nonprofit that seeks to revitalize selected neighborhoods by increasing homeownership; making homes beautiful, energy-efficient, and affordable; and helping residents take charge of their neighborhoods. It not only fixes up houses for sale, but also provides comprehensive pre- and post-purchase homebuyer/homeowner education classes, financial fitness workshops, and credit counseling to low- and moderate-income residents of the Greater New Haven area.

One of the two NHS positions involves community engagement, that is, outreach, working to engage past graduates of the NHS Resident Leadership Program, improvement of volunteer recruitment and retention, and investigating and addressing the intersection of energy conversation and crime prevention through environmental design.

The other position relates to the new NHS Environmental Leadership Program. It includes training NHS staff on environmental issues and resources, and researching residents’ energy use behavior to be able to better understand their needs and inform the NHS energy conservation curriculum. If you’d like to participate in this program, which starts this week, click on the second link in this paragraph.

For more info about these positions, each of which lasts a year and begins on August 28, see this NHS webpage.



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