Join CT League of Women Voters’ Advocacy

The CT League of Women Voters speaks out on issues relating to government, natural resources, and social policy. You (whatever your gender) can get involved in the process and support the League by becoming a 10-Minute Activist. This allows you to assist the League’s Public Issues Team on any of the following issues:

Air Quality
Campaign Finance Reform
Election Laws/Open Government/Ethics
Gun Laws
Health Care
Land Use
Mental Health Care
Reproductive Choice
School Funding
Waste Water

One of the most important issues for the League is the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP). The League has made a three-year commitment to raise awareness of this, Connecticut’s model program for publicly-financed state political campaigns. But the CEP is in trouble.

The Republicans propose killing the Citizens’ Election Program (CEP) altogether, while the Democrats propose keeping CEP but make crippling reductions in CEP funding for the next two years. The fate of CEP will be decided at the Special Session.

100% of current statewide officers and 89% of the Connecticut House and Senate used CEP funding to run their election campaigns. The Citizens’ Election Program comprises .0001% of the state budget and comes from the sale of abandoned property in the state, not from tax dollars.

The League is asking people to contact their state Senator and Representative so that they will speak up for keeping CEP alive and able (financially) to do its job of providing us with transparent state elections and with state legislators and officers free of indebtedness to special interests.

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