Sen. Chris Murphy’s Fight Back CT Project

While away for a week and then sick for another week, a lot has happened to the progressive movement in Connecticut. One of the biggest developments is Sen. Chris Murphy’s Fight Back CT project.

On Sunday May 21, Sen. Murphy’s project officially began with organizational meetings in homes across the state. In a video from that day, Murphy explains the project as encompassing strategically targeted swing voter contact on the effects that the Trump agenda (focusing on his health care plan and his complete budget, to be unveiled today) will have on people in Connecticut.

Fight Back CT asks participants to devote three summer weekends of one’s choice (or at least three days on three separate weekends) to contacting, preferably in person, swing voters in their areas (contact info to be supplied). Murphy says that there is nothing more effective than personal contact with volunteers, and that it is especially effective when it is not tied to a particular election or candidate, when it is just a conversation about how issues affect us personally.

One of the most exciting things about this project is that it is only happening here, that is, it is being done as an experiment and may serve as a model for other states. People can make a difference not only here, but also nationwide.

The goal is to win future elections — local, state, and federal — (and data about the conversations will be reported back to the project), but discussions with swing voters are valuable for more than just elections. With the right acting so badly, this is a good time to bring change to our communities, in terms of views, values, and priorities, and in terms of active participation.

You can sign up for this project here.

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