It’s Senior Corps Week

This week is Senior Corps Week. Senior Corps is a federal government program that includes a Foster Grandparents program (with a focus on literacy and mentoring children), a Senior Companions program (which helps seniors stay in their homes), and an RSVP (Retired and Senior Volunteer) program (which works on some of the following):

  • Organizing neighborhood watch programs
  • Tutoring and mentoring disadvantaged or disabled youth
  • Renovating homes
  • Teaching English to immigrants
  • Assisting victims of natural disasters

Connecticut is not one of the more active Senior Corps states. But there are 2,000 Senior Corps volunteers who tutor 1,100 children, help 200 homebound seniors, and provide volunteer labor for 200 local organizations. The RSVP program could allow seniors to get federal support for progressive community programs.

Seniors have time to make a difference for disadvantaged children and their families, and to provide professional and other services to the nonprofits in CT that are understaffed.

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